Our story… Natural manicures & pedicures.
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Mani menu

Mini Pedicure$25
Full Pedicure$40
Mani/Mini Pedi$45
Mani/Full Pedi$60
Silk Wraps$60
Refill Silk Wraps$40
Shellac Mani$40
Shellac Pedi$55
Shellac Mani/Pedi$90

Cleanliness is our Business

The safety and well-being of our clients and nail technicians is our utmost concern.

Metal instruments - The Autoclave

Each of our nail technicians is trained to use the industry’s most advanced sterilization tool – the autoclave.  All of our metal tools – clippers, trimmers, push sticks, and scissors spend the appropriate time in the autoclave for decontamination.

Spa Pedicure Stations

We clean our spa pedicure thrones thoroughly after each guest with an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfection solution and deep cleansing detergent throughout the water lines of our spa chairs in between guests in order to clean the internal components of the pedicure station and the piping system of the spa.
The filters are cleaned daily, and once a week, we soak the stations with bleach and a deep cleaning detergent.  

Surface Decontamination

External surfaces in the salon are cleaned on a regular basis with an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfection solution. Each manicure station and pedicure station is wiped down thoroughly after each guest.


We can accommodate special event groups in our six manicure and pedicure stations with attachable manicure tables.  Whether it’s a corporate get-together, wedding day celebration, or a teen birthday party, let us help you plan your next special event.  We can also custom formulate a manicure or pedicure for any guest of honor.